Beginning with Bachaus and Ending the Decade with De Nault

Our second decade built upon the promise of the first one. We began with William Bachaus, pianist, and completed that decade with Joanne De Nault, contralto.

The 1920's was a time for reorganization and repair after experiencing the terror of World War I. All walks of life fought their own battles with unemployment, security in war torn countries, and loss of family and friends.

Classical music instrumentalists and vocalists tried their best to boost morale with their performances. A new era of life was beginning with many styles and types of Classical music: from formal symmetry in neoclassic tonal centric music, to lyric neoromanticism and impressionism all the way to polytonal and cerebral atonal music. Matinee Musicale supported classical music artists in each category.

* Until 1928, first Cincinnati appearances were not noted ono recital programs; but it is likely that many of the artists presented in those early years were, in fact, Cincinnati debuts. All artists whose names are preceded by an "*" are verified first appearances.

# First Cincinnati recital performances.

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