From De Gaetano to Zukerman, Our Seventh Decade

Robert DeGaetano, pianist, opened our seventh decade. Eugenia Zukerman, flutist, closed this period of our classical music concerts in Cincinnati.

In addition to outstanding solo performers, we introduced highly regarded chamber groups such as the Haydn Trio of Vienna and the Music Group of London.

The Beaux Arts Trio, sought after chamber ensemble, was invited by return engagement in 1973. They had wowed audiences four times before this performance: in 1962, 1963, 1966 and 1968.Menahem Pressler, pianist, had become Professor of Piano at Indiana University School of Music where he continued to teach and perform for many decades. The other members of this Trio: Isador Cohen, violinist and Bernard Greenhouse, were highly esteemed musicians and teachers.

These are representatives of the many concert artists that Matinee Musicale has brought to the Queen City during our seventh decade.

First Appearances Continue for Flourish

* Until 1928, first Cincinnati appearances were not noted ono recital programs; but it is likely that many of the artists presented in those early years were, in fact, Cincinnati debuts. All artists whose names are preceded by an "*" are verified first appearances.

# First Cincinnati recital performances.

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