Dirman to Yeend - The War Years

Classical music performing artists such as sopranos Rose Dirman and Frances Yeend were fortunate to have MMC, Matinee Musicale Cincinnati, remain active in our 4th decade in order to promote them and others in our concert series'. The War Years of World War II and the Korean War, between 1941 and 1951, brought hardships in those difficult times for everyone.

These performers and other vocalists and instrumentalists during our subscription concerts in each of those years, kept up the hopes of the subscribers in Cincinnati. They took the minds of the people temporarily away from the horrors of war by providing emotional expression through the medium of classical music.

We,the members of Matinee Musicale, continue to strive to bring among the very best young artists to our city as they make their way into the world of music performance.

* Until 1928, first Cincinnati appearances were not noted ono recital programs; but it is likely that many of the artists presented in those early years were, in fact, Cincinnati debuts. All artists whose names are preceded by an "*" are verified first appearances.

# First Cincinnati recital performances.

Dirman ushered in the decade of WW2 and Yeend completed the MMC's 4th decade.