Benjamin Luxon, Baritone, Starts the Eighth Anniversary Years

Beginning with the year 1986, baritone, Benjamin Luxon set the stage for our eighth anniversary years. Piano performer Hartmut Holl ended this group of our series' of concerts in 1991. Between those years we brought young virtuoso, Nigel Kennedy, violinist, and other outstanding musicians to the Matinee Musicale stage.

In 1984 we introduced the Canterbury Trio. In 1986 we brought them back for a return engagement, this time, with horn player David Jolley. This outstanding chamber trio included David Cerone, who became the Cleveland Institute of Music President from 1985 to 2008.

Ninth Decade

* Until 1928, first Cincinnati appearances were not noted on recital programs; but it is likely that many of the artists presented in those early years were, in fact, Cincinnati debuts. All artists whose names are preceded by an "*" are verified first appearances.

# First Cincinnati recital performances.

Decade 8 Eighth Anniversary Years: Luxon to Holl - see who's on the roster for the 2009 season.