Matinée Musicale History

The Matinée Musicale Club began in 1911 when a group of Cincinnati women, all performing musicians, presented five public concerts in each of the first two seasons. In 1913 the organization began to engage professional recitalists selected world wide, and thereby inaugurated the Matinée Musicale Recital Series.

The standard of musical excellence established by the founders of Matinée Musicale Cincinnati has continued uninterrupted since the inception of the recital series, thanks to the dedication of our active members, who have continued to work to present, on a non-profit basis, only the finest of musical talent.

During the 2011-2012 season, our Membership honored Mrs. Louise D. Nippert, who served as President of Matinée Musicale Cincinnati Board of Trustees from 1982-1984, during our 72nd and 73rd seasons. She celebrated her 100th Birthday in August 2011. As she was about to begin her second century, she was honored as the recipient of the Governor's Award for the Arts in Ohio May 9, 2012 in Columbus. Mrs. Nippert passed away on Monday, July 22, 2012, and we dedicated our 100th Anniversary Season to honor her memory.

We continue to honor her. Thanks to her generous support of our organization throughout our history we were able to build an outstanding legacy of performances by presenting concert artists in their beginning years who later became world renown.

Careful consideration is given to selection and presentation of artists; and, in return, the public has given interested support and recognition of the cultural contributions the Matinée Musicale has provided our community. Many of the distinguished musicians presented to this community have made their Cincinnati, and even American debuts under Matinée Musicale auspices.

Matinée Musicale history is a strong part of Cincinnati history. You may recognize some of the names of now-famous instrumentalists and vocalists who are classical music stars in the list below and on other pages of our history beginning with The Founding Years. Many of these stellar careers were launched in Cincinnati, a city widely acknowledged to support the performing arts in general, and classical music in particular.

It is with pleasure and understandable pride that our Matinée Musicale history in Cincinnati publishes the names of some of the almost 500 musical personalities who performed for us and members of our community during our first 99 years. As we reach our 100th year in our 2012-2013 season we will have a celebration of up and coming as well as former concert artists who we supported when they began their performing careers.

We proudly announce the performances of vocalists and instrumentalists who will become the classical music stars of tomorrow in our Matinee Musicale history.

The Artists Instrument or Voice Year
Jacques Thibaud violin 1914
Alma Beck contralto 1917
Maggie Teyte soprano 1920
Marcel Dupre organ 1924
Myra Hess piano 1925
Nadia Boulanger piano 1925
John Alden Carpenter comp and composition 1929
Jose Iturbi piano 1930
Joseph Szigeti violin 1931
Alexandre Gretchaninoff piano and composition 1932
Lotte Lehman soprano 1933
Shura Cherkassy piano 1934
Nathan Milstein violin 1935
Lauritz Melchior tenor 1935
Arthur Schnabel piano 1936
Emanuel Feuermann cello 1936
Marian Anderson contralto 1937
Arthur Rubinstein piano 1938
Alexander Brailowski piano 1940
Helen Traubel soprano 1940
Vronsky & Babin duo-piano 1941
Claudio Arrau piano 1941
Mack Harrell baritone 1942
Mack Harrell baritone 1942
Zinka Milanov soprano 1943
Martial Singher baritone 1944
Leonard Warren baritone 1945
Jennie Tourel soprano 1946
Robert Weede baritone 1947
Ruggiero Ricci violin 1948
Byron Janis piano 1950
Gina Bachauer piano 1951
George London bass-baritone 1952
Tossy Spivakovsky violin 1953
Leon Fleisher piano 1954
Jerome Hines bass 1955
Van Cliburn piano 1955
Joseph Szigeti violin 1955
Daniel Barenboim piano 1958
Dietrich Fisher-Dieskau baritone 1958
Henryk Szeryng violin 1959
Jaime Laredo violin 1961
Jorge Bolet piano 1961
Malcolm Frager piano 1962
Itzhak Perlman violin 1966
Sherrill Milnes baritone 1968
Beverly Sills soprano 1969
Pinchas Zukerman violin 1969
Grant Johannsen piano 1971
Benita Valenti soprano 1973
Daniel Heifetz violin 1974
Edith Peinemann violin 1975
Frederica von Stade soprano 1975
Judith Blegen soprano 1976
Emmanuel Ax piano 1976
Andre Michel Schub piano 1977
Janina Fielkowska piano 1978
Eugenia Zuckerman flute 1980
Andras Schiff piano 1982
Joshua Bell violin 1983
Ransom Wilson flute 1983
Jeffrey Kahane piano 1985
Misha and Cipa Dichter duo-piano 1986
Jean Ives Thibaudet piano 1987
Alexander Toradze piano 1988
Nigel Kennedy violin 1989
Lydia Artymiw piano 1989
Paul Plishka bass 1990
John Aler tenor 1990
Mitsuko Shirai soprano 1991
Nicholas Angelich piano 1994
Nokuthula Ngwenyama viola 1995
Frederic Chiu piano 1996
Jean-Philippe Collard piano 1996
Alyssa Park violin 1997
Cecily Nall soprano 1997
Michael Chertock piano 1997
Mark Kosower cello 1997
Dean Elzinga bass-baritone 1998
Stefan Vladar piano 1998
Alfredo Perl piano 1998
Dean Elzinga bass-baritone 1998
Ljuba Kazanovskaya piano 1999
Zephyr Trio: Jeanne Galway, Kaethe Jarka,Samuel Sanders flute, cello, piano 1999
Brian Lewis violin 1999
Jonathan Biss piano 1999
Theresa Santiago soprano 1999
Marina Piccinini and Andreas Haefliger flute, piano 2000
The Alexis Trio: Sylvia Samis, Michael Samis, Keiko Alexander violin, cello, piano 2000
Stella Simakova piano 2000
Dean Elzinga bass-baritone 2000
Polina Bespalko piano 2000
Theresa Santiago soprano 2001
Jennifer Koh violin 2001
Bryan Wallick piano 2001
Sergio Tiempo piano 2001
Leon Williams baritone 2001
Philip Quint violin 2002
Michael Chertock piano 2002
Brian Wallick piano 2002
Katia Skanavi piano 2002
Philip Quint violin 2003
Susan Platts mezzo-soprano 2003
J.Y. Song piano 2003
Sergio Tiempo piano 2004
Janice Chandler soprano 2004
Rachel Lee violin 2004
Jale Papila and Michael Balke mezzo-soprano, piano 2004
Rachel Lee violin 2005
Paavali Jumppanen piano 2005
Ji-Yong piano 2005
Baiba Skride and Lauma Skride violin, piano 2005
Peng Peng piano 2006
Mihaela Ursuleasa piano 2006
Theresa Santiago and Michael J. Wanko soprano, baritone 2006
Conrad Tao piano 2008
Ilya Yakushev piano 2009
Thomas Hammons bass-baritone 2009
Jennifer Frautschi violin 2009
Ilya Yakushev piano 2009
Natalya Kraevsky soprano 2010
Nareh Arghamanyan piano 2010
Baibe Skride and Lauma Skride violin, piano 2010
Amit Peled and Eli Kalman cello, piano 2010
Meng Su and Yameng Wang guitar duo 2011
Olga Kern piano 2011
Chad Hoopes violin 2011
Alexander Melnikov piano 2011
Benjamin Grosvenor piano 2012
Scott Ramsey and Christopher Allen tenor, piano 2012
Alexander Fiterstein clarinet 2012
Benjamin Grosvenor piano 2013
Alessio Bax and Lucille Chung piano duo 2013
Mac Frampton jazz piano 2013
Charlie Albright piano 2013
Kara Shay Thomson soprano 2013
Goldstein Peled Fiterstein Trio piano, cello, clarinet 2014
Matthew Worth baritone 2014
Gleb Ivanov piano 2014
Jeanine De Bique soprano 2014
Andrew Garland baritone 2014
Ilya Kaler violin 2014
Alon Goldstein piano 2014
Natasha Paremski piano 2015
Yevgeny Sudbin piano 2015
Claire Huangci piano 2015

Check back often as our Matinee Musicale history continues on.

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