Performers from The Founding Years

Matinée Musicale's founding years performers launched their careers with our musical organization. We are proud of these fine artists of yesteryear.

Searching the names of our musicians from the early years of the organization you may find names of artists who are familiar. This page lists the artist roster from 1913 through 1926. When our group was in its early stages concerts were held in the Hall Of Mirrors in downtown Cincinnati. Artists still mention today their memories of this magnificent hall. For a more intimate setting our venue changed to the Scottish Rite auditorium on 5th Street in Cincinnati where it remained until the 1990's. It became difficult to find parking close by and other events in the city often took precedence over our concert goers. To make our concerts more assessable to people throughout the city it was decided to have several venues so people local to that venue could easily attend. Such halls, opportunities that brought in the most people were the Mayerson Jewish Community Center, the Church on Linton Street and the Anderson Town Center.

Instrumentalists and vocalists who have given us among the best performances of classical music in Cincinnati have come from many countries around the world.

On this page we share with you those performing artists who launched our recital seasons. This represents our first decade. For information about our succeeding decades please return to our Home Page and click on each part of History on the left sidebar of the page.

Matinee Founding Years

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