Photos-98th Season

Photos-98th Season posts a gallery of our concert performers with members of Matinee Musicale Cincinnati (MMC). A reception follows each program in our series of the 2010-2011 98th Concert Season. At this time audiences have the opportunity to meet each artist while enjoying refreshments donated by MMC members. It is also a chance to ask the performing musician(s)to autograph programs.

Individual photos can be taken with permission of the artist to provide memories of the occasion. The excitement of the recital will be an experience to long remember.

Check often on this website to view Photos-98th Season of all the concert musicians at the reception following their performances. Perhaps you may be in photos among those in the crowd who are greeting the artists after each program.

Our Photo Gallery Presents Alessio Bax, Pianist, 10-12-2010 at the Mayerson Jewish Community Center

Nancy Walker, Alessio Bax, Irmela Pogue,
Shirley Schnizer, Laurel Hinkle, Carolmae Katz

Alessio Bax with MMC President Nancy Walker

Reception for Alessio Bax

Our Photo Gallery welcomes Amit Peled, Cellist,
and Eli Kalman, Pianist, 11-18-2010 at the Anderson Center

Concert Artists with
Matinee Musicale Cincinnati Board of Directors:
1st row: Nancy Walker, Nancy Martin, Irmela Pogue;
2nd row: Carolmae Katz, Shirley Schnizer, Amit Peled, Eli Kalman, Don Hurd, Laurel Hinkle

Mr. Peled

Guests Enjoying Refreshments

Signing Autographs and Greeting Concert Goers

Beijing Guitar Duo Meng Su
and Yameng Wang

Photos-98th Season continues with The Beijing Guitar Duo as Ming Su and Yameng Wang meet some of the Matinee Musicale board members and audience following their superb performance on Sunday March 13, 2011 at the First Unitarian Church on Linton Street. L. to R. Shirley Schnizer, Carolmae Katz, Yameng Wang, Meng Su, Laurel Hinkle and Nancy Martin

President Nancy Walker with the Beijing Guitar Duo Meng Su and Yameng Wang

Guitar Students attending the Beijing Guitar Duo Concert:
L to R - Donald Broerman, Matt Schroeder, Kj Redman, James Meade (CCM Students of Professor Clare Callahan)

Rodney Stucky and Don Hurd discussing the exciting concert!

Peggy Kite, Megs Contadino, Herb Schnizer meet the Guitar Duo after the concert

Presenting Ms. Olga Kern, Pianist,
at the Anderson Center - April 7, 2011 at 11:00 A.M.

Olga Kern takes a bow

Our Photo Gallery continues with
Ms. Kern acknowledging the exuberant applause
and standing ovation from her audience.

Ms. Kern playing her encores following a standing ovation

Ms. Olga Kern with Nancy Walker, Matinee Musicale President

Enjoying a lavish reception provided by
the Matinee Musicale Board of Directors

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