Matinee Musicale Cincinnati

Starting with Jorge Bolet Our Sixth Decade Begins
  • From De Gaetano to Zukerman, Our Seventh Decade
  • Instrumentalists and a Vocalist~Our 2008-09 Season
  • Joshua Bell is only one of the notables from our seventy five year celebration.
  • Names Like Marina Piccinini and Mark Oswald Grace the Stage
  • Performers from The Founding Years
  • Recitals for 2009-2010 Concert Series at Matinee Musicale Cincinnati
  • Our 98th Concert Season 2010-2011
  • Our 99th Concert Season 2011-2012

  • Our 101st Concert Season 2013-2014
  • Ticket Sales for Matinee Musicale Cincinnati
  • Our 102nd Concert Season 2014-2015
  • Ticket Sales for Matinee Musicale Cincinnati

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