Van Cliburn and Other Notables - MMC's 5th Decade

Van Cliburn, piano soloist; Jaime Laredo, violin soloist; and Gina Bachauer, piano soloist, were among many fine performers who got their start during the fifth decade of Matinee Musicale Cincinnati.

Many changes were taking place in our country between 1951 and 1961. We were coming out of the Korean War and into the Cold War. Air travel was becoming more available moving concert artists throughout the free world for performances. This means of travel was easier than in past years when long slow trips by boat were the only way to become known overseas in live performances.

Jaime Laredo became a well known violin soloist as well as a popular chamber musician. A famous piano competition took on the name of Gina Bachauer.

MMC Decade V

* Until 1928, first Cincinnati appearances were not noted ono recital programs; but it is likely that many of the artists presented in those early years were, in fact, Cincinnati debuts. All artists whose names are preceded by an "*" are verified first appearances.

# First Cincinnati recital performances.

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